Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

The Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care is an occupational qualification for learners who work in Adult Care Settings in England. The qualification is linked to the Lead Adult Care Worker Trailblazer Apprenticeship and is applicable to variety of roles, where workers have key responsibilities for delivery of care and support and /or a level of supervisory responsibility for others such as: Lead Adult Care Worker Lead Personal Assistant Key Worker Domiciliary Care Worker Senior Care Assistant Support Worker This qualification consists of mandatory units covering core knowledge and skills competencies with optional specialisms which can be are combined in flexible ways to reflect the real working context of different learners. The content of the mandatory units covers person centred approaches, communication, personal development, equality and inclusion, handling information, duty of care, responsibilities of the role, safeguarding, and, health, safety and wellbeing. The optional units are designed to meet the requirements of a range of Adult Care services and to support the delivery of the Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship Standard. Unit 366 Knowledge, skills and behaviour expected of a lead adult care worker will be particularly useful for those learners completing this qualification as part of an apprenticeship. This qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge required for employment and/or career progression in Adult Care within a role which has some autonomy, delegated responsibility or where there may be a need for supervision of others. Learners can progress to the City & Guilds level 4 Diploma in Adult Care (4222?34) or the City & Guilds Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care (3080?50) providing they are in an appropriate job role. Opportunities may also be available to progress to an apprenticeships for the Lead Practitioner In Adult Care or Leader in Adult Care, or to higher education programmes, providing all entry requirements are met. Structure To achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care learners must achieve a minimum of 58 credits. 28 Credits must be taken from the mandatory group A A minimum of 30 credits must be taken from optional groups B, C and D. A minimum of 12 credits must be taken from group B. A maximum of 8 credits can be taken from group D. There is no minimum requirement for credit to be taken from groups C and D. Note that the following units are barred combinations: Unit 245 is barred with unit 338 Unit 310 is barred with unit 313 Unit 313 is barred with unit 310 Unit 319 is barred with unit 320 Unit 320 is barred with unit 319 Unit 321 is barred with unit 322 Unit 322 is barred with unit 321 Unit 338 is barred with unit 245 Unit 343 is barred with unit 344 Unit 344 is barred with unit 343

Group A mandatory units

Group B optional units

Group C optional units

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