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Fire Marshal

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Fire marshals (sometimes known as fire wardens) are civilians trained to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures at businesses and other organisations. It is a legal obligation that workplaces must have a sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies.


This course provides extensive knowledge of fire prevention, evacuation protocol and using fire extinguishers.


  1. Chemistry of Fire

  2. Common Causes of Fire

  3. Basic Safety Features in Buildings

  4. Introduction to Fire Extinguishers

  5. What to do in Cases of Fire?

  6. Fire Statistics

  7. Current Fire Safety Legislation

  8. Fire Risk Assessment

  9. Preventative Measures

  10. Safety Features within Buildings

  11. Role of the Fire Marshal

  12. Action on Fire Discovery

  13. Fire Drills and Evacuation

  14. Fire Extinguishers

  15. Pre-Engagement Action

  16. Using a Fire Extinguisher




220 mins*


Approved by RoSPA & CPD

• Browser: Up to date web browser

• Video: Up to date video drivers

• Memory: 1Gb+ RAM

• Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)

System requirements

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