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Food Hygiene / Infection Control


This course covers the requirements of current legislation, which includes;

the requirement that employers should provide information, instruction and training on Food hygiene in the workplace.


  • Recognise the causes of food poisoning

  • Explain the types of bacteria and how they spread.

  • Explain good practice to prevent the spread of bacteria

  • Explain good practice to prevent the contamination of food

  • Be aware of good practice

  • Be aware of legislation

  • Recognise the reasons for infection control.

  • Explain the possible consequences of infection on staff and service users.

  • Explain what an infectious disease is.

  • Be aware of the effects of parasites and their treatment.

  • Be aware how infections spread.

  • Explain good infection control practice

  • Be aware of the problems associated with MRSA & C.Diff.




1 Day


Approved by The CPD Accreditation Group


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