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Level 1 Food Safety - Retail

E Learning

Food Handlers and their employers have a legal duty to manage Food Safety. These obligations are set out by a number of EU and UK Laws. These Laws state that food handlers must make sure that food which is prepared, cooked, served or sold, is safe for human consumption. Failing to follow food safety standards can cause food to become contaminated with potentially fatal consequences.


Training your employees with our online system will go a long way to give them greater awareness of the dangers that poor food safety standards pose, as well as covering how food safety risks actually arise and how to control and prevent them.

The Level 1 Awards in Food Safety provide an ideal solution to staff induction training including:

  • New employees with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge;

  • Employees handling low-risk or wrapped foods (category A);

  • Front of house employees, such as waiting or check out staff;

  • Back of house employees, such as kitchen porters or warehouse staff.


  1. Food Safety Legislation

  2. Hazards from Delivery to Service

  3. Risk Control (Prevention of Contamination)

  4. Pests, Premises and People




50 mins*


Approved by RoSPA & CPD

• Browser: Up to date web browser

• Video: Up to date video drivers

• Memory: 1Gb+ RAM

• Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)

System requirements

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