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City & Guilds administer medication to individuals (Unit 344) £249.99

This course covers both knowledge and assessment of competency it is the one you need if you administer medication!


Administer medication to individuals and monitor the results (Unit 344)

City & Guilds medication unit 344 (Includes an assessment of competence - not just knowledge)

Learning outcomes

You will:

  1. Understand the legislative framework for the use of medication in social care settings

  2. Know about common types of medication and their use

  3. Understand roles and responsibilities in the use of medication in social care settings

  4. Understand techniques for administering medication

  5. Understand how to receive, store and dispose of medication supplies safely

  6. Know how to promote the rights of the individual when managing medication

  7. Be able to support use of medication


Flexible blended learning and assessment of competence
Delivered partially via online learning using “Ecordia” our VLE (virtual learning environment), tutored training either 1 to 1 or group and an observation of competency (assessment) by an experienced MCQ Health & Social Care Assessor.


-Assessor will induct/brief the learner and prepare an action plan with them.
-Learner works through the online “knowledge” course (works fine on tablets and smart phones) until       completion.
-Assessor arranges the observation of competency visit(s)
-When all learning and assessment has been completed a City & Guilds unit certificate is issued.


UAN: M/615/8203
Unit level: Level 3
Credit value: 5
GLH: 30
Unit aim:

This unit is for those who prepare for, administer and monitor the effects of medication on individuals. The unit applies to all medication used for and by individuals, both prescribed and non‐ prescribed.
Relationship to NOS: CHS3

Additional details

It is beneficial to attend the Administration awareness course but not essential.
We need the contact details of the learner so we can get in touch and arrange the induction onto the course - this will be done as soon as we receive the booking request, the published course date is merely a cut off point in the schedule.
The learner will need the opportunity to carry out the assessed activities in order to allow an assessment of competence.

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